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The Final Gift of the Beloved_cov


This is a love story, although it is disguised as a tragedy. To the best of my ability I have shared the truth of what unfolded after my wife’s fatal automobile accident. Following the thirteen-day arc from the moment I heard the officer say the words, “She is deceased,” it is an honest and, at times, intense account. But it is unquestionably a love story.

This book is for you, dear reader. May it be of benefit, just as she was to so many in the world. Of course, it is also for and about her—my Seana, my Beloved, my Mooch, Amore mio, and my Muse.


     Since Siddha Yoga is woven into every part of this book, it will be helpful for the reader to know a few things. Siddha Yoga is a spiritual path. It feels important to understand that it is a philos- ophy, not a religion, and it includes people from many different faiths. For myself, at its heart, Siddha Yoga sees the highest reality as divine Consciousness that dwells equally in all people. On the Siddha Yoga path, seekers come to recognize this, their innermost Self, experientially.


     Please know that this story is not intended to promote any 

spiritual path. Your approach will look different from mine. Yet without Siddha Yoga, I am quite sure that I would never have even met Seana, let alone survived the trials along the way. And I certainly would not have been able to meet this calamity and come to know it as something else entirely.

     I have discovered the most strange and wonderful thing—that hidden within the death of a loved one may also be her final gift to us. And this is what I wish for you—in your moment of greatest need, though the world feels shattered into a thousand shards— may you remember this possibility and fully receive what the beloved longs to give you in farewell.

And so, in that radiant one’s own words—onward. Together, you and I will take a journey that includes intense pain and emo- tion as well as great beauty and transcendent insight for, nothing is as it appears.

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